R.E.B.I.R.T.H. Memoir: Journey to Acceptance Paperback/E-Book

Released December 7, 2017

by Ms Janessa Rivera (Author), Ms Billy Joe Michel (Cover Design)

The memoir addresses the author's journey to acceptance while coping with grief of losing herself as she was the victim of an unhealthy marriage and psychological abusive relationship, with a Narcissist. The story depicts a journey through the stages of grief from the author's point of view while also being an educated and professional career woman from a good upbringing, who was still abused and victimized within the privacy of her home and relationship.  This book uses a self-help guide to provide education and advice to the reader on healthy alternatives to overcome the stages of grief while being in an abusive relationship. It was written for all the women who are powerful in the public yet broken and grieving in private. 

Speaking Engagements

Serve as a host for various speaking engagements throughout the community and organizations with the purpose to advocate and educate the audience on abuse awareness, preventive strategies, trends in abuse, recent statistics and related news stories. 


Facilitate presentations, with relatable resources and handouts, on expert subject matter in an open setting such as conferences, seminars, open forums/panel discussions. 

Consulting- Dealing with DV/Abuse in HR

Provide consulting services to employers and their Human Resource departments on the best practices of dealing with abuse or domestic violence within their employees. Reviewing existing policy/procedures, internal practices and  personnel manuals and providing insight on how to include methods to better serve their employees that may be affected by abuse/domestic violence and how it is affecting their work performance.

Staff Development/Training

Provide training to mid management/senior management on how to supervise employees who have been affect by or currently suffer from abuse/domestic violence. Provide techniques and best practices on how to supervise these employees, what to report and when, identify responsibilities and obligations they have both legally and to the company etc. 

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